About me

Like everyone who grew up in IT at someplace in Time we had to write a Hello World „Program“ or „Script“ so here is my Hello World Post just to continue with the tradition.

With this Website I intend to create my own notebook of worthy knowledge I might need for my day to day work or perhaps, some knowledge that is not needed everyday, but any other day, week or whatnot.

My Name is Markus, I’m working in IT since 1997 and have done a lot of things. Some more in depth than others.

Here are a few examples of the technologies and products I more or less managed:

Networking (Routers and Switches from CISCO).

Windows NT 4

Mac OS Server and Desktop


SunOS, Linux

MySQL/Sybase/Oracle Databases

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

Oracle Exadata

And let’s be honest, I probably forgot a lot of things, but this blog shall fill with more interesting things than a personal history lesson